Мебельная фабрика «Мизан»

Living room "Attack"

The Attak living room is a functional set of furniture in the living room from the Mizan factory. The body is made of high-quality chipboard 16 mm. Shells are presented in color: white, sonoma oak light, oak sonoma truffle, milk oak, dark wenge, alder nut, apple tree. The facades are made of MDF, the colors of which have the widest choice. The drawing room consists of a TV of a curbstone, a show-window, a case hinged, a show-window hinged and a shelf. The living room is sold as a set.



LDSP 16 mm



Color of the case

oak marble, sonoma oak light, oak sonoma truffle, white matte, white gloss, milk oak, dark wenge, walnut, alder, apple tree and many others.

Facade Color

Various (See MDF Facades)

Dimensions width / height / hl