Мебельная фабрика «Мизан»

Bathroom "Alpin-02"

The set for a bathroom "Alpin" - is made on the basis of Mizan factory. The set is made in a modern style, completed with a mirror, hanging bollards and a pencil case. The refined set will allow you to make a bathroom extraordinary and unique. Set "Alpin" is made of durable, environmentally friendly chipboard 16 mm. Available in the following colors: white matte, white gloss, Sonoma oak light, Sonoma oak truffle, milk oak, dark wenge, walnut, alder, apple tree.

Elements and dimensions of the kit:

- suspended bollard (high / hl 570 * 460; width of the bollard 600, 750, 900, 1000)

- suspended pencil case (width / height / hl 400 * 1600 * 320)

- a cabinet with a mirror (high / hl 650 * 140; width of the cabinet 600, 750, 880, 950)







white matt, white gloss, light sonoma oak, sonoma oak truffle, white matt, white gloss, milk oak, dark wenge, walnut, alder, apple tree and many others.