Мебельная фабрика «Мизан»

Hallway "Saturn"

Furniture for the hallway "Saturn" is made of high quality chipboard! Color range: white, sonoma oak light, sonoma oak truffle, milk oak, dark wenge, walnut, alder, apple tree. If you are a connoisseur of the classic style, then this hall is created for you. Hall Saturn consists of a wardrobe, an angular section with two shelves and coat hooks, and a section with a single-door pedestal with a drawer, above which is an elegant oval mirror.

The size of the width / height / hl: 1610 * 1870 * 430



ЛДСП 16 мм



Цвет корпуса

дуб мрамор, дуб сонома светлый, дуб сонома трюфель, белый матовый, белый глянец, дуб молочный, венге темный, орех, ольха, яблоня и многие другие.

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